Why not use crack tools?

In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about crack and cracked software. After reading the article, you can better decide on this type of program. So, if the security and health of computer systems are important to you, stay with us until the end.

Buying a software version can be expensive. When you need new software in your system, you can look for free options, or pay for expensive software. Some people are tempted to avoid these costs by downloading cracked or illegal software.

What is Crack?

A crack is a file that allows you to take full advantage of the program you have.

Any company or person who creates a program and wants to make money by selling that program usually puts restrictions on the free version of the program. If you want to use that program fully, you have to pay for that program to (for example, use the serial number given to you) remove the restrictions from that program.

Now some other programmers (called hackers or crackers) create a file called crack that (without the permission of the program developer) removes the restrictions from that program, and you can use it to take full advantage of the program.

However, cracked and illegal software can be a security risk and compromise system security. The following are some of the risks of downloading and using cracked software.

Disadvantages of using non-original software

In the world, and especially in Iran, many people, to save their money, download broken and so-called cracked software. For example, the vast majority of versions of Windows used in Iran are non-original. The same is true of other software, such as scientific, applied, and educational software. What most people do not know is that all of this software is cracked and broken by people who have a high level of knowledge about hacking and programming.

Most hackers who try to break the lock of programs such as Windows XP or Windows or other expensive software, with their high mastery in the field of hacking and system programming, try to break into and deliberately infiltrate Systems are sacrificed. When a person or company, or organization saves and buys software worth fifty dollars in a cracked and broken lock for five dollars, it is, in fact, the fate of itself and the organization. And he gives his company to these hackers, and he infiltrates those hackers into his computer system. In this way, he risks the fate and security of the company and the organization with several dollars with his own hands and exposes it to the influence of people.

Many software has a limited edition (in terms of time, features, or.). Maybe the same versions will get you started. It is not bad to research this for one or two minutes before downloading the crack. Maybe the same limited edition can make your work painless. Maybe you can get a trial version that can help you. Trial versions are usually free.

۶ reasons why you should not use cracked software or programs

Using cracked versions of software is not only morally problematic, but it can also endanger your computer.

In this post, I want to give reasons why at least some people use cracked software less.

Cracks are software that is stolen through file-sharing websites and accessed illegally using stolen or generated unlock code.

However, cracked and illegal software can be a security risk in the way you imagine it and endanger system security. Here are some risks of downloading and using cracked and patched software.

۱ · This is robbery

Using cracked software is not much different from stealing a valuable item. One or more people have worked on the software that you may be using the cracked version. If you are using a cracked version of the software, that means you are using the software without paying for it. This is theft.

۲ · Cracked program can be malicious software

Downloading illegal software is often fraught with dangerous malware. A report from security company Cybereason estimates that more than 500,000 devices have been infected by a single program cracked by malware. When a user downloads and installs cracked software, this hidden malware can steal information from your system. And it can even download more malware and make this problem worse.

The malware in this report can perform a variety of aggressive actions. There are two specific pieces of malware in this report, Azorult Infostealer, and Predator the Thief.

Predator the Thief, steals information such as passwords from browsers and can steal cryptocurrency wallets. Or it can take pictures using the camera, allowing it to collect personal data.

Azorult Infostealer also steals information such as browsing history, username and password, cookies, and cryptocurrency information.

Further research shows that one-third of illegal software has malware. Also, software downloaded from illegal sources has 28 times more malware than software downloaded from legal sources.

Much malware hides from users. So you may not even know your device is compromised. You can continue to use your device for a long time without noticing that it is infected.

۳ · Cracked softwares can redirect you to visit Dodgy websites

Another reason to be skeptical of cracked software is the websites that distribute it. To download cracked software, you should generally refer to sites that specialize in cracking.

Malicious sites usually have pop-ups or redirects that redirect the browser to other dangerous sites. You expose yourself to dangers such as annoying advertisements or even ransomware.

۴ · The software may not work

By downloading illegal software, there is no guarantee that it will work. Many companies take steps to prevent the theft of their software. So you may find that this software never works in the first place. Or it may work for a while but eventually stop.

You also can not download cracked software updates. This means that you can not get new features for the software. More worrying means that you will not receive security updates. If a security vulnerability is detected in a piece of software, the software company will usually fix the problem as soon as possible.

Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in the software to access all kinds of data on your device.

۵ · Using the cracked program will lead to legal problems

Downloading and using cracked software is illegal. If you use it, you can face various consequences.

Another minor consequence is that you may be temporarily or permanently blocked by the software vendor. For example, if you are using a cracked Adobe Photoshop application, Adobe may block you from using other software in the future. If you trust this software for your work, it can cause many problems.

This is especially true in cracked games. If you download a game illegally and try to play it online, you may not play well. You may deprive yourself not only of that particular game but also of online gaming platforms such as Xbox Live.

This will prevent you from using online games in any way.

On the other hand, if you are found to be using cracked software, you may be fined. In the United States, these fines can be up to $ 250,000.

۶ · It can infect other devices in the networSome people do not realize

Some people do not realize is that cracked software is not just a threat to your device. When you connect to the Internet, your device shares information with other devices on the network, such as phones, tablets, and other systems. This means that if your device is compromised by malware, the malware can spread.

Malware can spread through networks when it is compromised by cracked software. If a family member downloads cracked software, the whole family’s devices could be compromised.

This is even worse for organizations because many networks have hundreds or even thousands of systems. A person who runs cracked software on systems, even if he uses his home network to download, can spread the malware to the entire business network.

Do not endanger your system and network with cracked software

We have outlined some of the security risks of using cracked software. From paying fines to attacking the device and accessing information. Many dangers come from using illegal software.

If you cannot get the software, do not look for a cracked version. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life, such as open-source software.

Sometimes you think you have no choice but to use cracked software, but most of the time it does not! The website is a good resource for finding alternative software. Most software also has good alternatives. For example, instead of Photoshop, you can use Paint.Net or GIMP.


In this article, we talked about cracked software and explained the things you need to know. Using cracked software may seem wise at first glance, but in the long run, it can cause a lot of problems. So, it is always better to use the original software to avoid these problems.

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