Social and Economic Challenges in Iran: Sanctions and Restricted Internet Access

In recent years, Iran has faced significant social and economic challenges that have profoundly impacted the daily lives of its people and the country’s development. One of the primary factors contributing to these issues is international sanctions, particularly those imposed by the United States. These sanctions have severely restricted foreign trade, access to foreign currency, and the import of advanced technologies into Iran.

The sanctions have led to a sharp decline in the value of the rial, soaring inflation rates, and rising unemployment. This economic crisis has decreased the purchasing power of the population and increased financial pressures on families. Many businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, have been unable to continue operations and have been forced to shut down.

In addition to economic problems, Iran faces extensive restrictions on internet access. Widespread filtering of websites and social media platforms, along with frequent internet shutdowns during political and social crises, are significant challenges that Iranian internet users encounter. These restrictions not only disrupt free access to information and communication but also hinder the development of online businesses and technological innovation.

This combination of economic difficulties and internet restrictions has led to a significant brain drain from Iran. Many skilled and educated individuals seek better opportunities abroad, a phenomenon known as “brain drain.” The emigration of elites diminishes the country’s scientific and technological capabilities, further darkening Iran’s development prospects.

In summary, overcoming these crises requires appropriate economic policies, positive engagement with the global community, and reducing internet restrictions. These steps are essential for Iran to return to a path of development and progress.

Saeed Souzangar

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